• Design: Bespoke custom tailors your project as you envisioned it. After the initial consultation, we create a custom design that best fits the renovations you are looking to accomplish. Our professional design team will provide a floor plan depicting the proposed renovations giving you a sense of the future outcome.
  • Bathrooms:  The more difficult the more we enjoy the challenge. Any size any concept you can image we can produce. We can help you choose the color scheme, design, and flow of the room to allow maximum space utilization. Consult a Bespoke custom design representative today.
  • Custom Cabinetry: Let Bespoke Contracting customize your home with custom cabinetry that will solve all your storage needs while adding detail and distinctiveness to your home.
  • Home Restorations: After Hurricane Irene and Sandy, many people in New Jersey suffered extensive home damage from trees, wind, and flooding. Bespoke Contracting worked through the night for months at a time to help homeowners and businesses recover from the storms.

Bespoke Contracting provides a wide range of home renovation services in Bergen, Hudson, Essex, and Ocean County including storm, flood, and fire damage. We are a whole-house, one-stop rebuilding company that specializes in large scale renovations to restore your home or commercial building to its original beauty and functionality. Bespoke rebuilds with a focus on correcting past problems as well as preventing against future weather and storm damage. We offer design/build services for projects such as home additions as well as kitchen, bath, basement and other renovations.

Whether you have experienced home water and mold damage due to hurricane flooding or you have a persistent basement leaking problem, we are restoration specialists who can provide customized solutions for your situation.
Bespoke provides water remediation as well as emergency measures such as sum pump installations and portable generator backup systems to prevent against power outages. Studies show local flood levels will rise ten times the average height we see today. Most homes at sea level along the East coast will experience flooding in the coming years. Make sure and inquire on our home raising program and how you can protect the equity in your home with our strategy.

  • Siding: Replacing your existing siding will not only add value to your home but also make it look great.  We can provide you material samples & colors and answer any questions you may have.
  • Roofing:  Asphalt, cedar, copper, metal, slate, and flat roofs are just the start. We also offer multiple gutter installation options inclusive of copper and even gutter guards. We provide free estimates.
  • Decks and Patios: Let Bespoke transform your backyard into your own “get away”. Whether you are looking to add a new deck or a new paver patio, we have the designs & solutions to meet your expectations.
  • Windows and Doors: Upgrading your old windows and doors is one of the best investments that you can make in your home. With our years of expertise, we will help you make the best selections and increase your homes efficiency.
  • Masonry: We appreciate the art of building and fabricating in stone, clay, brick and concrete. The root of Bespoke Contracting stems from pouring concrete and reinforcing stone.
  • Custom Stone & Pavers:  Along with masonry there is an art to designing a beautiful stone pattern. The right color and lay can transform a regular front or back yard into a beautiful landscape.
  • Waterproofing: Since hurricane Irene and Sandy hit New Jersey our waterproofing business has exploded with inquiries. Bespoke Contractors urge a jump start to waterproofing your basements this year before it’s too late. Having a proactive mentality will save you stress and money. Things to consider waterproofing are your basements, asphalt, patios, roofs and windows.
  • Structural strengthening:  Between all of the highway, commercial, and residential construction presently occurring in New Jersey coupled with the backlash from hurricane sandy many property owners find themselves spending tens of thousands of dollars fixing the issues. Be proactive and have an estimator produce a cost savings analysis for you.
  • New Construction: Looking to build a new home, consult with Bespoke today! Nothing is more gratifying then to see your design come to life. With Bespoke that dream is a reality.
  • Demolition:  Engaging the proper demolition team is more important than most property owners realize. Too many things can go wrong with an unexperienced demolition. One wrong move can cost a property owner thousands of dollars. Let Bespoke Contracting schedule an appoint and analyze your situation intelligently. Bespoke will lay the ground work for an expedited, safe, and debris free work environment.
  • Additions: Schedule an appointment today and the bespoke team will give you competitive estimates for your addition. Remember, the permitting process is a vital piece to the addition puzzle. Do your research before engaging a non-licensed contractor. Too often property owners are at a standstill for months because town officials will red-tape your job if not done up to standard.
  • Snow Plowing: Bespoke Contracting has a full time winter snow plow team specializing in commercial clean up. Bespoke will cater to residential properties depending on square footage of plow-able space. Make sure to book in advance of the snow season.
  • Interior & Exterior Design: Have one of our professional custom designers walk you through the design and implementation process. The very name Bespoke means “custom tailored”.
  • Wood Flooring:  If your motive is classic or modern, Bespoke Contracting will lay a beautiful authentic design to flow gently through your place of residence or business. Inquire today.
  • Tiling:  We pride ourselves in the flawless tile work Bespoke is known for. Any size, dimension, and design are welcomed.  Be sure to ask about our discounted pricing from select retailers.